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This report presents the latest data on conflict among the galaxy's minor factions. Here are the latest factions to experience a civil war: HIP 94905 Power Partners Nagii Autocracy Law Party of LHS 3776 LHS 3776 Co-operative Freedom Part...
Published Oct 28, 2016
Independent reports from the Maia system indicate that a Farragut-class Battlecruiser has taken up position over Maia A 3 a, not far from the personal research base of Professor Ishmael Palin. The Federal vessel is apparently redirecting...
Published Oct 28, 2016
A spokesperson for the 160 SOAR has announced that the Alliance appeal for construction materials has reached a successful conclusion. Hundreds of pilots contributed to the campaign, resulting in a massive influx of deliveries to Tshang ...
Published Oct 28, 2016
A spokesperson for Gyvatices Crimson Advanced Holdings has announced that its appeal for fish and coffee was enthusiastically received by the galactic community, resulting in a massive influx of deliveries to Walter Dock in the Gyvatices...
Published Oct 28, 2016
Earlier this month, the Pleiades Resource Enterprise entered Maia and rapidly started cementing its presence in the system. In response, the Ant Hill Mob – Maia's current controlling faction – has launched an offensive against Pleiades R...
Published Oct 28, 2016
The Civil War is on, get your asses in game!
System Report - INR (Boom): 30.4% ZEC (Boom): 29.9%
System Report - INR (Boom): 32.5% ZEC (Boom): 28.0%
System Report - INR (Boom): 31.3% ZEC (Boom): 31.3%
System Report - INR (Boom): 26.6% ZEC (Boom): 39.5%