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Nova Force was born out of necessity. The necessity for Federation Commanders to be able to fly safe under the protection of skilled pilots and sheer numbers. Every Nova Force CMDR undergoes combat training by veteran fighter pilots. Our aim is to build up each member into a capable fighter ready to defend the Federation from Imperial and Alliance scum as well as pirates and the occasional psychopath.

Nova Force VS Thargoids

We don’t just fight other CMDRs. Nova Force has dozens of confirmed Thargoid kills under their belt. Sign up and kill some bugs with us today!

An Elite: Dangerous Clan

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In-Game Faction

Nova Force has its own in-game faction that controls multiple star systems and stations. As a member, you can help determine what our faction does in the Elite: Dangerous universe.

Nova Force Events

Daily Events

One of our top-level officers hosts a community event on a daily basis. We have timeslots for US and EU players.

Discord Nova Force Elite Dangerous

Discord Server

Nova Force has its own discord server with numerous text and voice channels to keep our troops in the know during the heat of battle.

Elite Nova Force Training


Nova Force has experts in combat, trading, exploration, smuggling, BGS and more.

Elite Nova Force


Nova Force has numerous Elite: Dangerous guides and tutorials. Most are public, but we keep the best ones for members only.

Elite Nova Force


Nova Force has public and private Elite: Dangerous forums with info on everything from exploring to engineering.

Are You Ready to be Part of Something Bigger?

The Golconda Generation Ship

The Golconda is a generation ship. A generation ship is an interstellar ark starship that travels at sub-light speed. Generation comes from the fact that the current generation usually doesn't live long enough to reach the target destination. Instead their off-spring...

Nova Force Secures New System for PvP Hub in San Tu

Over that last few weeks, Nova Force has been in charge of flipping the San Tu system to anarchy for the new PvP Hub. The new PvP Hub uses a discord bot to organize 1v1 and wing fights automatically and fairly. More than 500 CMDRs have already signed up...

The Intergalactic Nova Republic Honors Nova Force Commanders with Parade of Ships at Jenner Hub

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnv2ZhtsXNc   The Intergalactic Nova Republic would like to thank all Nova Force Commanders for their service and sacrifice in securing Jenner Hub, Morin Hub and the entire system of Zaragas. INR will be hosting a parade of Nova...

Explore. Together.

Nova Force isn’t just about combat and our faction. We also love to explore the galaxy. Some of our CMDRs were even the first to crack some of the Guardian Ruin combinations.

Fun Events

Most of our daily events center around our in-game faction. But we often put together fun, silly events like geyser jumping.

No Logging Allowed

If your reaction to getting interdicted is to combat log, GTFO!


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Everything You Want in a Clan.

With hundreds of players, loads of training resources, expert CMDRs, what more could you want?


Daily Events

There is never a dull moment with Nova Forces’ daily events.


Guides and Discord

With our exclusive guides and active discord channel, Nova Force can help you with all things Elite in real time.



We’re not just here to grind. Nova Force is all about having a good time in Elite: Dangerous. Apply Today!



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