Cerberus Security – The New Wave of Private Military Organization

22 AUG 3301 – Cerberus Security has become the first Private Military Organization in the Galaxy. Cerberus has now officially begun operations throughout the galaxy and is accepting new clients. For a limited time, Cerberus Security is providing its services at a 50% discount.

Clients, don’t miss out on this opportunity! Email Cerberus Security with any contracts you may have!

Cerberus Security’s Logistics Successfully Breaks Through Blockade At Jang Di to Deliver Tea to Sikorsky Orbital

27 AUG 3301 – Yesterday, Cerberus Security’s Logistics division, Headed by CMDR Razmi, was contracted by the Emperor’s Dawn for $5.1 M to deliver Ceremonial Heike Tea to Sikorsky Orbital in the Jang Di system to fulfill various commercial commitments. Commanders of Cerberus Security successfully evaded commanders of the blockade who opposed the Emperor’s Dawn to deliver 48 Tons of the rare Ceremonial Heike Tea.

Some citizens have questioned Cerberus Security why are we helping a “terrorist organization” to which our CEO CMDR BwC_NoFear responded “We have heard the chatter over GALNET that the Emperor’s Dawn is responsible for the assassination of Emperor Duval. This has not yet been proven and Cerberus is independent from any faction political standing.

We have stated that we support those who wish to be supported and conduct business with us. Yes, Cerberus Security follows the news and politics, but we are not going to turn down a contract just because people have an unproven theory. Cerberus will continue to take contracts from the Emperor’s Dawn until these theories can be confirmed, until then, those who attack this minor faction could be considered terrorists”.