Elite Dangerous Player Factions

What is an Elite Dangerous Player Faction? Where can I find Elite Dangerous Player Factions List?


What is an Elite Dangerous Player Faction?

An Elite Dangerous Player Faction is a faction in the game Elite Dangerous that is controlled or backed by a player or player group.

How do I create a Player Faction in Elite Dangerous?

Player Factions in Elite Dangerous are also called PMFs or Player Made Factions. To create a player faction and see the criteria go here: https://tools.elitedangerous.com/en/factions

Advantages of creating an Elite Dangerous player faction

Making a home in the galaxy

Creating a minor faction in Elite Dangerous allows you to place it in the system of your choice, provided there isn’t another player faction there already and the system isn’t a major part of the Elite Dangerous Lore. This system will be the home system of your player faction.

A more immersive galaxy

Creating or joining a player faction is the best way to expand game play in Elite Dangerous. Having a player faction allows you to manipulate it’s influence and standing in game. It gives doing missions meaning, it makes bounty hunting like patrolling your own neighborhood and it makes you defend you systems till your dying breath.

Conquer the galaxy

If your plan in Elite Dangerous is to rule the galaxy, you’ll have to start with a player made faction first. Outside of joining another player’s faction, creating your own player faction is the only way to be able to spread into other star systems and start your campaign for dominance.

Elite Dangerous Player Factions List


The most comprehensive list of Elite Dangerous Player Factions can be found on: https://inara.cz/galaxy-playerfactions/

Elite Dangerous Factions FAQ

Faction VS Power VS Super Power

Super Powers in Elite Dangerous are; the Federation, the Empire and the Alliance. Then underneath super powers are Powers. These are associated with Power Play. Some examples are Zachary Hudson, Yuri Grom and the lovely, but evil Aisling Duval. Then we have Factions, sometimes called Minor Factions. For more check out our BGS Guide.

What's the difference between a regular faction and a player faction?

The NPC factions in Elite Dangerous function almost identically to Player Made Factions(PMF). The only real difference being that a PMF was named by a player/group. Both can be manipulated by players.


What types of factions are there?

Factions in Elite Dangerous have to comply with the ethos of the Super Power they are under. The image below from Frontier Developments shows that relationship.


Choosing a Home System for Your Faction.


Larger populations are more coveted and easier to defend, but are also harder to gain control of since higher population systems make the percentage of influence you can shift at any given time harder.


You’ll want a large station reasonably close to the main star. Keep an eye on what services the station offers as well.


Make sure things like Interstellar Factors, Material Traders, Technology Brokers and other important resources are near by or in system.


Nobody wants a boring home system. Make sure things like Resources Extraction Sites and Installations are in system or nearby to keep you and your members busy.


Make sure you aren’t putting your brand new faction right next door to an active enemy faction. Unless you live for the grind and pew pew.

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