Elite Dangerous Player Groups

What is an Elite Dangerous Player Group? Where can I find Elite Dangerous Player Groups?

Advantages of joining an Elite Dangerous player group

Learning from other players

The biggest advantage of joining an Elite Dangerous player group is being able to learn from other players. Elite Dangerous is a massive game with many different roles to choose from. Having other Elite players to bounce ideas off and get info about parts of the galaxy you’re not familiar with is clutch.

Stacking Wing Missions

Wing Missions are one of the most consistent ways to make money in Elite Dangerous. When you’re in a player group you have plenty of other CMDRs to help you stack wing missions and earn money, reputation and rank faster than you ever could on your own.

Company Out in the Black

Since the Milky Way galaxy is such a big place, it can be tough to just find other CMDRs to fly with. Joining an Elite Dangerous player group ensures you always have someone to keep you company out in the black.

Where Can I Find Elite Dangerous Player Groups?

In Game
r/EliteSquadrons/ + r/EliteWings/

With the new in-game squadrons you can find player groups from your ships cockpit. Just look on the right hand panel.

INARA.cz is a third party site that has a lot of groups on it and the ability to apply on the site.

r/EliteSquadrons has ads from Elite Dangerous Player Groups and Squadrons looking to recruit new members.

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