What is an Elite Dangerous Squadron?

An Elite Dangerous Squadron is an in-game way to organize player groups and affiliate them with player factions.

How Do I Find Elite Dangerous Squadrons?

It is highly recommended that you also find the discord and/or website for the squadrons you find. Most Elite Dangerous Clan leaders won’t approve you into their squadrons unless they have met you or you have gone through their application process.

1. Login to Elite Dangerous

2. Open Right Panel and click on Squadrons Button

Your panel will look different if you are not in a squadron yet, but the button placement is the same.

3. Search For Squadron Name

Or browse the list of squadrons using the filter search.

4. Explore Squadron Information

This is also the screen where you can request to join a squadron if you are not already in one.

You can also search Elite Dangerous Squadrons from the Frontier Developments Portal.

How Do I Create an Elite Dangerous Squadron?

Any CMDR can create a squadron in Elite Dangerous. Just go to the same place you went to search for squadrons above and there will be a create a squadron option.

Squadrons cost 10,000,000 credits to create.


Can I Be a Part of Multiple Squadrons?

No, you can only be in one squadron at a time.


How Do I Align My Squadron With a Minor Faction?

There is an option to align your squadron with a minor faction on the create screen as well as the “Squadron Allegiance” page in squadron options.


What Are Squadron Leaderboards?

Squadron Leaderboards are contests between in-game squadrons lasting 3 months in the following categories: Xeno Defence, Combat, Exploration, Political, Powerplay and Trade.

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