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The Intergalactic Nova Republic(INR) council voted unanimously to send troops into the BD-00 3426 system to rendezvous with representatives from the BD-00 3426 Autocracy.

The vote took place during an emergency late-night session of the INR council on May 22nd 3303. The session was called upon hearing the result of the war between the Revolutionary Party of Yavapai(RPY) and the Zaragas Energy Corporation(ZEC), whom recently lost Jenner hub and control of the Zaragas system to INR and now lost Morin Hub to RPY in this most recent conflict.

With the system still riling from the effects of these 2 bloody wars, the INR needed to act swiftly to assert their dominance in the system and cut off any hopes the smaller factions have of capitalizing on the instability in the region.

BD-00 3426 plays a strategic role in INR’s plans for the future of Zaragas. With RPY strengthening their influence in BD-00 3426 as they are in Zaragas, INR has lot’s to gain by having Nova Force CMDRs in BD-00 3426.

The time for the announcement could not have been better. The BD-00 3426 Autocracy started a war with the RPY on the same day INR sends troops into BD-00 3426 strongly suggests that INR CMDRs will be playing a large role in this conflict.

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