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26 OCT 3302 – At 19:45 Galactic Time, the Zaragas Energy Corp. (ZEC) officially announced a declaration of war against the Intergalactic Nova Republic (INR) due to alleged unwarranted attacks against Jenner Hub, providing illegal weapons to militarized INR supporters, and for murdering unarmed ZEC civilian traders, even going as far as to kill entire ZEC loyalist families attending weddings this past week.

According to Nova Force High Command, attacks were indeed directed at military targets in response to suppressive acts against the INR performed by the ZEC. Vice Admiral of Nova Force, CMDR BwC_NoFear, had this to say, “The INR will not sit ideally by while the ZEC exploits our people into the ground. We can confirm we have performed attacks against ZEC security ships and military targets only but it is appalling that the ZEC would accuse us of such barbaric acts such as attacking wedding barges and murdering civilians, which I can assure you we have not! This is a ploy by the ZEC to paint the INR as a threat to Federation space to gain the assistance of the Federal Navy in hopes the Federation does not recognize the unethical working, living, and taxation of INR citizens by the ZEC”. As of now, both INR and ZEC forces have engaged in combat in conflict zones all around the System of Zaragas in a battle for system supremacy.

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