Nova Force Ranks and Requirements

Nova Force has ranks just like any navy. Nova Force members rank up by participating in events, helping to contribute to faction goals and leading wings.

Elite Combat Rank


Commanding Officer of Nova Force. Has (3) votes in military councils.

Deadly Combat Rank Elite Dangerous

Vice Admiral

XO / Executive Officer of Nova Force. Day-to-day manager of the command staff. The duties of the Vice Admiral consist of management of command staff (Rear Admirals), system logistics, news blogs and reports, battlefield logistics, event management, and providing counsel to and leading with the Admiral of Nova Force. Has (2) votes in military councils.

Dangerous Combat Rank Elite Dangerous

Rear Admiral (Max of 4)

The inner circle of Nova Force. They have the ability and knowledge to perform whatever tasks are asked of them from the Admiral and Vice Admiral. Each Rear Admiral has (1) vote in military councils.

Master Combat Rank Elite Dangerous

Mission Captain

A CMDR who is Petty Officer or above ranking who assists Rear Admirals, the Vice Admiral, and the Admiral in the duties of creating events, hosting events, battle directives, information dissemination, etc. Post Captain is not a rank but is a distinguished secondary title given and in many ways, can lead to upper leadership.

Mission Captain duties change as needed by the needs of the Admiral, Vice Admiral, and Rear Admirals. Access to site functions, events, discord War Room will depend on the task.

Expert Combat Rank Elite Dangerous


Have a variety of soft and hard leadership skills. Able to take charge to organize minor events, take charge of wings, recruiting, etc. Time in game should also be reflected in a decent mid/late game ship.

Competent Combat Rank Elite Dangerous

Petty Officer

Has been a member of Nova Force for a good amount of time, has knowledge of the Elite Dangerous Universe and how the game functions. Knows how to lead wings to accomplish a goal and is dedicated to the cause.

Novice Combat Rank Elite Dangerous


Mostly Harmless Combat Rank Elite Dangerous


New pilots who have recently accomplished basic requirements to be a full-fledged member of Nova Force

Harmless Combat Rank Elite Dangerous


New Pilots to Nova Force

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